I work closely with doctors on my ward. Most of them are wonderful, caring people who understand and respect my role in patient care. They understand that they are looking after a small percentage of the patients on my ward, and I always have to look at the big picture. Some of them, however, think that I do nothing but their bidding. 
A young woman came in with a palliative brain bleed. I only had a ward room available. This is far from ideal. In a perfect world, these patients would always get a private room so the family can be with them and grieve in private. In reality, all my privates had people with some pretty serious infections that could pass on to everyone if they were in ward.
The doctor promised, in this order:
A bed on the palliative care unit (not gonna happen, they take from the community first)
A private on my ward (again, not possible)
After admitting to my ward, promised palliative care would come see them today (consults usually take 48h to happen)
A private on my ward because he "just sent someone home from a private, so you should get it. I wrote an order for it" (has no bearing on where I put patients, and we had a patient with diarrhea and vomiting that needed to be moved to a private)
So now I have a distraught family on my hands, cleaning up his mess and essentially being the bad parent, telling the kid he can't have a pony. In the meantime, I had been talking to the other charge nurses trying to secure a private room. I also was having a discussion with the family, who said "so, what you're saying is my mother dying isn't a priority" I almost burst into tears. 
I eventually did some moves, thanks to the other amazing charge nurses I work with, and got her a private room. 
Where was the doctor when all this was happening, you ask? I have no idea, but not backing me up, that's for sure. 

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