Cartoon scrubs drive me crazy. How on earth can you expect someone to take you seriously if you are wearing Minnie mouse? You are their nurse, not their paid entertainment.  Would you take your doctor seriously if he was wearing a t-shirt with bugs bunny on it? Or how about a lawyer wearing a tie with the road runner.  Using the rationale “well, it lightens the moment, etc” Or “well, What if you work in peads?”  does not work for me.  Nurses are supposed to inspire confidence, trust and respect. Tinker bell does none of those things.  

8/11/2012 03:45:40 am

I have to agree with you, if you want to lighten the moment in peds then have some super cool toys or stickers in your pocket for little kids who act brave!

I think its wierd to see professionals dressed like kids!


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