I have spoken a lot about the violence and abuse nurses are put through. As a nurse, that’s not what I carry with me. That’s not what gets me through the bad days. That’s not what I live for. There are a few moments that have gotten me through the worst days, the worst situations.  There are moments that make every bruise, every curse, every obscenity and every long day worth it. These include:
-a grandson bringing me a cup of tea after I cared for his grandmother when she died
-being told “you are a wonderful, caring person and are definitely in the right job, this is your calling”
-being introduced as “the nurse that knows everything” (and NOT in a sarcastic way!)
-getting an e-mail from a colleague that said I was the calm eye of the storm, and she was grateful I was there.
-Being told by a nurse that “I’ve never felt so supported, I’m so glad you were there for me”
and a million other little moments that I call on when I’m having a bad day.
Nurse Batman
4/2/2012 01:36:37 am

Our Ed Days have had sections of them devoted to trying to figure out why the floor staff is so miserable. Two Ed Days ago we were asked to pick (from a list of questions that was used in the Employee Satisfaction Survey) 2 of the most important questions to us (using green dots).

Overwhelmingly it was "I feel valued at work" and "In the past 12 months I have received feedback about my performance". And overwhelmingly the "I feel valued at work" is usually a trip up of management, since we support each other fairly well and the parents are always grateful. Since you're a fancy pants manager this time, don't forget about all the small things! You are a fantastic RN, and I love that you're the "nurse that knows everything", because damn right you do.

Peace out, buddy!

4/2/2012 08:33:28 am

The same thing came up with our Gallup surveys. It was a big shock to some people, but not me. I hand out thank you cards to people at work, and we do "boquets" in our bi-weekly update.

4/2/2012 05:12:17 am

I appreciate you and the sacrifice of study that got you here. I'm only sorry that it is highly unlikely I will ever have the privilege of having you for my nurse.

I think it's very sad that in a profession where you are the 'front line of care' management is not more forthcoming with words of affirmation and appreciation. There will always be those who expect the best and complain if they don't get the service they think they deserve. But for every one of those, I am glad there is also one that breaks away from the masses and reminds you that you are doing a good job....

keep up the fantastic blog by the way....we're rootin' you on from here!!!!!!


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