When I was a nursing student, I had to wear navy blue scrubs. Navy blue was not the worst colour I’ve seen by far. Since I graduated, I haven’t worn a single piece of navy blue scrubs. This is common among universities in order for instructors to know who their students are, and for nurses to recognize students.  I see two problems with that piece of logic:
Instructors should know what their students look like. Seriously.
Nurses know who students are. We don’t need them to wear the same scrubs. They pretty much have a gigantic sign saying “STUDENT”.  They are the ones who look terrified and excited. They all have the same nervous smile. They are the ones with the exact same worksheet as their fellow students. That will change quickly after graduation.  They are the ones who take ten minutes to do what RNs can do in two. They are the ones who know every piece of inane facts about their patients and know every single irregular lab value, even if they don’t know why it’s important.  Students don't need to wear the same colour, we all know who you are. 

1/31/2012 12:56:38 am

i agree with you there - nurses know who the students are. i have had feedback from patients though, expressing confusion as to who all the different staff are. because most people wear what they want, they don't know the cleaner from the nurse from the food delivery person. some have felt vulnerable when a staff walks into the room and starts doing tasks, moving stuff - they are too afraid to ask them to identify themselves. i had never thought about that until a few of them told me. just another angle...


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