A good nurse washes their patients first thing in the morning, a good nurse does not wash their patients first thing in the morning

A good nurse never makes a med error,  a good nurse makes a med error

A good nurse doesn’t cry at work, a good nurse cries at work

A good nurse never takes it home with them, a good nurse take it home with them

A good nurse always goes home on time, a good nurse goes home late

There is a startling trend I am seeing, people saying “well, a GOOD nurse...” You know what a good nurse does? They take c are of their patients to the best of their ability, they hold the hands of the dying, they hug the families, they share the joys and mourn the losses.  To say that a good nurse must or must not do something is ridiculous. Some of the best nurses I know have made errors (actually, all nurses will. If a nurse tells you they never have, they are either lying, or they never found it.)  So many things make up a good nurse, and nobody is perfect.  More than that, each situation is unique, and what a good nurse does is adapt to suit each patient need

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