I’d like to talk about a problem that’s sweeping the nation: New Graditis. New nurses graduate and seem to think they already know all they need to know about being a nurse, and don’t need to ask any questions or get any help. And God Help You if you offer a suggestion or point out something they may have done wrong.  They refuse to see that other nurses may know more, or have a better way of doing things through, you know, experience.
These nurses scare the ever loving shit out of me. They have no clue how little they know, and how dangerous their lack of knowledge really is.  I came across more back home than I do out here, but I still come across the odd one. I have no idea how to tell them without being “that bitchy old nurse”. I’m afraid the only way they’re going to realize is if they almost kill someone, but who would wish that on someone?
There is also the opposite (sort of) problem, where older, experienced nurses who think they know it all and have nothing left to learn. They refuse to accept criticism or feedback from younger nurses. They tend to go on about how different nursing was and how it’s so terrible now and it was awesome back then.

I guess my point is that nursing is a job where you cannot stop learning. If you do, you need to quit and go find something else to do
3/14/2012 01:48:41 pm

I think nursing programs are letting their students down. In my unit, if you act like your hot shit, you will have your ass HANDED to you. It is epic. :D

3/14/2012 02:06:08 pm

i always tell students "if you don't ask me questions, i am very worried and concerned for the safety of the patients" - don't you dare not ask me questions!

and i also agree that sometimes the older crowd has trouble accepting new ways of doing things - even though they are evidenced based. at an old job, the new policy for art line removal was 5 minutes of pressure and just a clear bandage (tegaderm was fine). the old crowd could not handle it and insisted that their 25 years of putting a giant pressure bandage on it was better.


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