So, I'm on days on a stroke ward. Patient A hasn't had a BM in 6 days or so, and has obstructed. NG inserted, rectal tube inserted, gas and fluid coming out, IV fluid going in. All is well. Radiology phones, the NG and rectal tube decompressed the abdomen enough they could see a perforation. STAT page to neuro and Gen Surg. Patient goes to the OR in about 5 minutes, has a hemicolectomy. I take care of him for a few days, start TPN for him, and carry on. 
Fast forward two years later, I'm the charge nurse on a geri-med ward. Stroke is consulting on a patient, turns out he's got massively blocked carotids (90% L, 100% R). The stroke attending and R5 come up to take the patient to CT. The R5 recognizes me, gives me a hug and says to the attending "don't you remember her? She looked after that guy who's bowel perforated, We were so lucky she was looking after him, he could have died"
Made a shitty day a little better
heather feather
2/29/2012 11:29:45 am

yeah! small victory for RN's everywhere! always a pleasure, Ali


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