I got this from the Arizona Nurses Association in response to my e-mail about Amanda:

Amanda Trujillo, RN, is a member of the Arizona Nurses Association (AzNA).  The Arizona State Board of Nursing is currently investigating Ms.Trujillo’s Registered Nurse license per its regulatory mandate. The Arizona Nurses Association understands that it is difficult for a nurse to undergo an investigation of his or her practice by the board of nursing.  However, we support the Board’s authority and obligation to regulate the profession in the state including investigating complaints. Therefore, AzNA does not get involved in complaints of nurses submitted to the board nor does the association comment on the specifics of any investigation. Ms. Trujillo has chosen to share the details of her case publicly and to imply that the AzNA has taken a position about her case. The fact is that AzNA is neutral and does not get involved in matters before the board of nursing. As of January 24, the state board’s investigation of Ms.Trujillo remained open.  No disciplinary action has been taken against Ms. Trujillo’s license at this time, which remains active and unrestricted during the investigation. Further questions about this case should be directed to the Arizona State Board of Nursing.  

Good to know that they're supporting her so much.

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